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Adley is a viral-style creator silently behind some of the internet’s most viewed videos.

She got her start in Entertainment by auditioning for NBC’s The Voice as a dare and ended up on Team Blake. She spent the next few years writing and touring before going viral for putting chickens in a bathtub. She then decided to start making social media videos instead.

Three years later, she now runs Story House, a Nashville-based crew of family and friends accumulating over 200 million weekly views across it’s Facebook and SnapChat programming.

Blake is a former Engineer who built hospitals and had zero social media when he met Adley.

He would come home from work exhausted, and find her eagerly waiting to ask him to shoot videos. He obliged her, never knowing what it would soon become.

In July 2020, he left his “dream career” during the pandemic to make prank videos that ended up earning billions of views. He most recently agreed to let the Internet plan his wedding.

He enjoys Red Bull, Lebron James, and hating Tom Brady.

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